SEO Site Audits

About the service

We help you identify problem areas on your website and make recommendations on how to make improvements so you can rank better on search engines.

Who needs an SEO Site Audit?

Websites with no traffic growth or traffic declines

If you've tried everything and still don't understand why your traffic stays the same, or continues to drop month on month (or even week on week), a site audit will help you identify weak spots and suggest ways to patch the problems so your website can grow healthily again.

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How Our SEO Site Audit Works

PART 1: 
Technical Audit

Content Audit

Off-site Audit

In the technical audit, we will use web crawling tools to discover issues in your site architecture.

In the content audit, we will identify keyword and TD-IDF gaps site-wide.

In the off-site audit, we will check your backlink profile health.

Why a technical audit is important?

Why a content audit is important?

Why an off-site audit is important?

Think of a technical audit as an inspection of the frame of your shop. A stable frame will support your overall shop. Similarly, a good technical framework will support your website.

Your site content tells search engines what your site is about. Having the right content will help you rank for the best keywords for your niche.

Links from other websites are like votes of credibility for your website. The right link profile will help you appear more trustworthy whereas a spammy profile will make your website look suspicious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an audit usually take?

The time we need to complete a site audit (Part 1 - 3) will depend largely on the size of your website. The larger your website, the more time we'll need.

For your reference, a site with 100 pages will take us 2 weeks whereas a site with 1,000 pages can take us 2 - 3 months.

Can I just do one part of the audit but not all?

While we recommend the full site audit for most websites, we can understand why some website owners might only want to do one type of audit but not all. So if you're interested to run just a technical, content or off-site audit, just let us know.

What happens after the audit? Do you help implement the changes recommended?

An audit is only meant to provide highlights on the problem areas of your website. You can use the recommendations of the audit to make changes using your own marketing team or hire us to implement the changes.

There will be additional service charges for the implementation.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Audits are a one-off activity. While there is no minimum contract period, we do require your commitment throughout the audit period from start to completion.

I have more questions. How can I reach you?

You can book a call with us below.

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